Thursday, November 10, 2011

BFPSP - Al_Chemy

BFPSP - Al_Chemy

Buy the Digital Copy Here

AL_CHEMY' is an eight song rap EP with production by AL_PD.

This meeting of rappers, BFPSP from Boston and AL_PD from San Diego is a blast of freshness, new process, a blend of beats, electronics, and downtempo lyrical style that is sculpted masterfully by this duo and brought to you by Cascade Records.

Buy the Tape Cassette Here

Released on Cascade Records:

Back On Tiamat EP - Abstract Butta Fingas

Back On Tiamat EP - Abstract Butta Fingas

Buy it Here

Beautifully complex beatscapes from the mastermind himself!!!!!
ABF killin' it!!!

First Harvest - The Auxiliary Farm

First Harvest - The Auxiliary Farm

Download Here

UBC and Vimana Aircraft's collaboration as The Auxiliary Farm! The first album we ever released! There were limited handmade sack pouch sewn cd-rs and an unknown digital release on iTunes (nobody other than our parents bought it (hell yea, that's fuckin underground)) Please enjoy!

Black and Brown - Black Milk and Danny Brown

Black and Brown - Black Milk and Danny Brown

Buy it Here

Download it from iTunes Here

"Detroit in this BITCH!"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Graciellita - (GFR031) Quest

Graciellita - (GFR031) Quest

Hauntingly Beautiful sounds! Another amazing release by Grappa Frisbee!!!! Grab all of their releases!!!!!!

Download Here

Stainless Steele - Straight Jacket Time Killin

Stainless Steele - Straight Jacket Time Killin

Download Here

"This album is a result of Stainless Steele collaborating with forward-thinking, electronic/hip hop producers throughout the United States and other countries as well. Straight Jacket Time Killin... "

Production Credits:

01 Abjo (San Diego, CA)
02 Stainless Steele and vOPhoniQ (Lyon, France)
03 Chit$ (Elizabethtown, PA)
04 AL_PD (Cleveland, OH)
05 VLooper (Montreal, Canada)
06 Swarvy (Philadelphia, PA)
07 Mndsgn (New Jersey)
08 Infinite Potentials (London, UK)
09 Mndsgn (New Jersey)
10 Zenios (Columbus, OH)
11 Pitch Black Theory (Johnson City, TN)
12 Sir Froderick (Philadelphia, PA)
13 Jonti (Sydney, Australia)

Father Longlegs - Intergalactic Double Dutch

Father Longlegs - Intergalactic Double Dutch

Download Here

Father Longlegs (founder of Woozy Tribe) droppin some INTERGALACTIC ass SHIT Y'all!!!!

Cop the Woozy Discog!!!! Tis seriously DOPE - AMAZING! Including some of my (Vimana Aircraft) Albums/ EPs and such. An honor to be a part of this ill tribe!!!

DaP Station

DaP Station!!!!!!


Sound-Crunching-Beat-TWISTING Chaos out of DeLand, Florida!!!!!! Beautifully Savage with a smile!

Download Here

Abstract Butta Fingas - Finga'd 2 (the invisible)

Abstract Butta Fingas out of Pasadena CA Reworks 4 ill ass tracks for you listening enjoyment! Time to get yo neck brace on!!!!!! HELL YEA!!!!!!

Download Here

Vimana Aircraft - Anunnaki III

A digital and cassette release by a dude who likes to yell into busted ass tape recorders, and make your speaker sound like they're eating themselves!!!!!!!

Download Here

Ohsaurus - The Energy About Us

Download Album Here: Ohsaurus - The Energy About Us

Ohsaurus is seriously incredible team, mad - dope - Mammoth - BEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

minipimp - Blaaah Blaaah Blaaah

Download Album: minipimp - Blaaah Blaaah Blaaah

Hells Yea to minipimp and Collective Resonance!!!

Rosko Taint - Psycho Swagger from the Fourth Dimension

Album Download: Rosko Taint - Psycho Swagger from the Fourth Dimension

Tis my great pleasure to Release, "Psycho Swagger from the Fourth Dimension," by Rosko Taint on DaP Station!!!!!

Prof.Logik - For You All

Prof.Logik drops a solid Gem team!!!! Celestial Bliss Beats!!!!!!

Album Download: Prof.Logik - For You All

TIME LAPSE - 9Planets Release!

Now Out on TIME LAPSE (an amazing diy label out of LA)

TL007: 9Planets “Quantum Looping” c40 out now
Canada’s FUTURESCIENCE founder 9Planets dropped a classic with this release . Tracks are full of Spaced out beats - Heavy Moog bass lines , weird synth lines , odd samples and ill drums . This is a must have ..........

Solid Orange tape
Pro Dubbed
Pro Printed J-Card
Limited Edition of 100

Cop it Here!!!!:

Lemonada - KELLY GREEN vol​.​1

Album Download: Lemonada - KELLY GREEN vol​.​1

Seriously love this release mad respect to Lemonada!
Crater Diggin' is back in order YO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

DaP Station
Sorry there have not been new posts for awhile, there will be some very soon!!!! In the mean time check out, the new DaP Station page!!! Hope all is well for everyone, take care,

Vimana Aircraft

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


HEATFINGAS is the collaboration between beat constructors ABF and Heat Vision!!!!!!!! I feel extremely privileged to release, "THE RETURN OF RADIOACTIVE MAN," on DaP Station!!! A seriously BAD ASS album, and the third in the Crater Dig Collaboration Series on DaP Station! Check it OUT!!!

9Planets - Alien Sector EP

9Planets lo fi beat brilliance, in the form of the, "Alien Sector EP"!!! I had the great pleasure of releasing this ILL ASS EP on DaP Station!!! COP IT TEAM!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Subtext - Mélodies légères

Beautiful experimental-electroacoustic-melodies! A soft, delightful album from Subtext!

Vimana Aircraft - GALAC

BLOWN 8 bit beats, mashed tape decks, and CHAOTIC splicing!!! meet GALAC!!!!!!

chits - Young Transplant

"Young Transplant is music from the kid chits aka Zach Brill. These are tunes I've made over the last few thousand hours since relocating myself. I truly hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening," (chits)

Really diggin' this

Johnny Boy - Meat My Beats

Italian-mpc Sampling-beats! Heck yes!!!!


Wonky, Skwee, 8 bit abstracted beats, out of Sweden! Off a free label by the name of Fresh yO!, who's putting out really sick shit!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prof.Logik - Dust Fragmentation

I cannot stop listening to this album, much respect to Prof.Logik on a seriously INTERSTELLAR release!!! $13 CAD for an amazing tape release and instant digital download!! COP THIS!!!!!!!!! It is beyond worth it! Props to the Future Science crew!

dranaL - 40 Beats & a Mule

GROOVIN" hell yeah! Take a train cross country and put this album on repeat. dranaL droppin' some serious knowledge!!!!

Cabello Bandito - Horse Steake

Minimalist beauty with ukulele and beat abstractions! Cabello Bandito, doing some sick creative work, much respect!

UBC - bedroom beats

UBC - "bedroom beats," includes guest artists: ABF, tom collins, Ted Dunn, 9Planets, and Vimana Aircraft! Film and movie samples spliced and diced!!!! Beautifully done album by my good friend and dope musician UBC! COP This GEM Fam!!!!!

HairyBo - salmagundian hotchpotch

Chopped, grit, beat brilliance with jazz splashes! Seriously check all of HairyBo's work out! Sick stuff team!

ABF - The Menu 7 : Sanctos

The Menu 7!!!!!!!!!! ABF's Menu Series is a serious personal favorite of mine! Support the illest, and COP this!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

9Planets - Ghetto

9Planets with ghetto blastin' genius. DOPE ASS RELEASE team, really diggin'!!!

_lip - _magic kamen ep

Serious lo-fi brilliance out of Brighton! Phenomenal sounds, Cop This Now!!!

Vimana Aircraft - Episode 4: Fireball Racehorse (the lost tapes)

Space BaPPed tape manipulation sessions from the likes of Vimana Aircraft!

Lee Spacey - Thermosphere

Brilliant, spaced out Electronic/ Hip Hop Instrumentals from Holland!

Headspace - Salmagundi

New Headspace release on Jellyfish Rec. Heck Yes!!!

Raul Supreme - Beat Tape Vol.2 Spaceship

Bump this shit in yo spaceship team!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

ABF - The Menu 8: Supervillian Suite

The Menu 8: Supervillian Suite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW OUT!!!!!!!!!!! ABF mad killin' it!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DaP Station Podcast 1 (transmission one) by ABF

DaP Station Podcast 1 (transmission one) by ABF by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Tis my great privilege to introduce:
DaP Station's Podcast 1 (transmission one) by ABF!!!!!
Holiest of Kin- Atlantis Ft. UBC-Atlantis- DaP Station
Holiest of Kin- Dock-Atlantis-DaP Station
BEFP- Fractals- Archipelago- DaP Station
ABF- Earshot- Archipelago- DaP Station
UBC- Chemical Goo- Archipelago- DaP Station
Fish$cale- Till the End of the world- Archipelago- DaP Station
King Midas-One Ting (Dabrye RMX)- Hyper Dub
Cadence Weapon- Sharks- Upper Class Recordings
Bug Eyes- Micro Being- Archipelago- DaP Station
9 Planets- Friendship 7- Archipelago- DaP Station
Daddy Day Care- Cool Runnings Ft, Airon- Daddy Day Care- Filter
ABF/OPEDOPE- Outside Medina-Friendz Dopal- Soundcloud FREE
Deceptikon- Way of the Samurai-Lost Subject-Merck Records
Alcendor-Androids- Neckbreakers : Beneath Los Angeles-
ABF-Keebler Elf-The Sleeper- Filter
Luke Cage- All I wanna Do- (unreleased)
Tom Collins- You Don’t Know?- Archipelago- DaP Station
Fish$cale-Oh- Archipelago- DaP Station
Shaolin Alan- Stand Up- Archipelago- DaP Station
NomNud- Purple sunsets/你已經知道我- Unreleased(ADM)
Mixed by ABF at Code Orange Studios, Pasadena, CA
ABF's bandcamp:
DaP Station bandcamp:

ShaolinAlan - Maythorne EP

This EP is superb team! When you download it you get a secret third track, hell yes! Brilliant EP by ShaolinAlan

Dpee - Green Slime

"Jellyfish Recordings is excited to present Dpee, a beat maker based out of Calgary Alberta, Canada, just a short jump over the rocky mountains from the jellyfish populated west coast.

Dpee is making his label debut with the instrumental Ep Green Slime which is 7 tracks of hip hop inspired beat music at it finest. Tracks range from the moody "Mind Field" to the straight up aggressive, neck brace inducing title track while keeping the vibe cohesive. At 7 tracks its a quick listen, but Green Slime is a replay worthy exercise in quality not quantity"

Monday, April 25, 2011

New DaP Station Releases!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tarantula Quail - Smokin' on Himalayan Folk

holiest Of Kin - ATLANTIS

Friday, April 22, 2011

AXHEAD (Axion & Headspace)

AXHEAD (Axiom & Headspace) out of Vancouver, Taking no prisoners with their funk, jazz, hip hop and noise beats of brilliance!

various artist - NECKBREAKERS

" A genre demolition crew of Los Angeles Beatmakers, NECKBREAKERS is 10 tracks from ten of LA's dopest underground producers, each providing a unique take on the exploding beat scene." Nod your Fuckin' Head!!!!!!!!!!!!

various artist - D∆GOBOT S∆MPLER

DAGOBOT Sampler!!!!!!! Dubstep, Future Beats, and glitch!!!!!!! Shit Yes and HELLA Tight beats team!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Unconventional Science - Social Capital LP

Electronic, Funk-Hop and Instrumental Soul beauty out of LA, CA!!! Support this amazing album TEAM!!!!!!!

Ravage Beats 2012 - TIMELESS EARTH

Experimental beats with apocalyptic hip hop brilliance out of Pasadena, CA !!! Cop this amazing album NOW!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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