Saturday, December 25, 2010

1948 to infinity - 9 Planets

An amazing track by 9 Planets out of Toronto, Canada. I am greatly enjoying his tracks I have downloaded off SoundCloud, check it out!

1948 to infinity by 9Planets9p

Crab Ass in Da Cranium - Vimana Aircraft

Happy Holidays,
here is a track I made last night, not a holiday track but I wanted to share it. Enjoy

Crab Ass in Da Cranium - Vimana Aircraft by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Friday, December 24, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

sleEP "Beat Cruise 01"- Epochalyptic

I seriously dig this...... A beautiful release from Epochalyptic over at Beat Cruise. Download it now

MINdToUcH, "ToNiGht aT NoON"

From what I can gather MINdToUcH is from the Republic of Korea, and put out, "ToNiGht aT NoON," Sept. 21 2010. This is all that he said about it: "All analogue. No quantize. 10-15 seconds sample time. One floppy, one beat. All tracks created with an Mpc 3000 and an Sp404." Good album

1945 Single - Crab Cannon (Now Out)

Cop This!

Crab Cannon- WAIT.WHAT?

Crab Cannon out of Boulder, CO.

EPIC Experimental/ Disco Beat Storms.


Respect to the DROM FAM!

WAIT.WHAT - Crab Cannon by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Friday, December 17, 2010

Samplesession - U.B.C.

Put it on repeat and groove. Hell yes sir, I love this track

Samplesession - U.B.C. by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Nobody But You- Abstract Butta Fingas

"Nobody But You," off of Abstract Butta Fingas stellar album release, "The Rise of the Elephant Kingdom," every time I hear this song I smile. Truly sick album, thank you for the amazing track sir. Buy the album on iTunes team.

Nobody But You - Abstract Butta Fingas by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Vimana Aircraft Track

Just finished this track up. Submerged -Sumerian Space Bap coming to you from
Vimana Aircraft

Sumerian Submarine (Astronauts of the Deep) - Vimana Aircraft by DaP Station/Crater Dig


D.F.T.C.: Like an army of tiny space ninjas kickin' yo ass on the battlefield. Can't get enough of this.
Thank you for the track sir. The CA/ CO beat connection

D.F.T.C - FISH$CALE by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two New BeFP Singles, from Upcoming Album, "BePM"

BeFP generously sent me these two amazing singles off his upcoming cassette release, "BePM." (Free Downloads of the album will be available as well) Look for it to be released on Beat Cruise (sick label run by BeFP, Epoch, and Bug Eyes), coming in the Spring of 2011. Cop this tape when it drops.

<------------Check out the sick ass Cover

"BePM" - BeFP by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vimana Abstracts

Vimana Abstracts by DaP Station/Crater Dig

4 tracks to surface from their underground labs; Abstract Butta Fingas and Vimana Aircraft are:

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Vimana Abstracts----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vimana Abstracts ep COMING SOON from DaP Station

Seriously check this shit out

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Vimana Aircraft Track

1230 Zulu (Watcher of the Pyramid)- Vimana Aircraft by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Free Download

"Bug In A Web," (UBC) Remix (Free Download)

Bug In a Web (U.B.C. Remix) - U.B.C. by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Haunting,static-filled-film-core. A beautiful plot/ dialog driven remix from my good friend UBC in Colorado. Well done sir


Abstract Butta Fingas on Filter Comp

Various Artists – Filter Presents The Best Of 2010

01. Tripnotic - Closer
02. Akasha FX - I Want
03. Abstract Butta Fingas feat. A-1, Tekesh & BC - T.S.A.
04. Alcendor - Fckin Licious
05. NSOK - Blackrain Empire
06. Etheric Loopz - The Old Peak
07. Little Birds - Dark Stars
08. GameOver - Back Again
09. Dirty Cat - Time Machine
10. TDR - Afraid

Various Artists – Filter Presents The Best Of 2010 Vol.2

01. Akasha FX feat. Frances Mary - Stars
02. Etheric Loopz - Urban Dub Forest
03. Tripnotic - Monkey Face
04. Alcendor - WAR! LICK SHOTS!!!!
05. NSOK - Another Dead Pacifist In Pakistan
06. TDR - Cypop
07. Dirty Cat - Tides
08. GameOver feat. Kepo - Random Summer
09. Little Birds - Still Life
10. Abstract Butta Fingas feat. Ekundayo - Cause N Effect

CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!! Abstract Butta Fingas on Filter Comp, so delicious

Crumbles-Bug Eyes

Crumbles- Bug Eyes by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Fire the thrusters and bump this shit. Galactic Beats on a new (sick as shit) track, "Crumbles," graciously DropBoxed by Bug Eyes. Check out Bug Eyes' debut album, "Smooth Brew." Superb Beats, please enjoy
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