Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DaP Station Podcast 1 (transmission one) by ABF

DaP Station Podcast 1 (transmission one) by ABF by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Tis my great privilege to introduce:
DaP Station's Podcast 1 (transmission one) by ABF!!!!!
Holiest of Kin- Atlantis Ft. UBC-Atlantis- DaP Station
Holiest of Kin- Dock-Atlantis-DaP Station
BEFP- Fractals- Archipelago- DaP Station
ABF- Earshot- Archipelago- DaP Station
UBC- Chemical Goo- Archipelago- DaP Station
Fish$cale- Till the End of the world- Archipelago- DaP Station
King Midas-One Ting (Dabrye RMX)- Hyper Dub
Cadence Weapon- Sharks- Upper Class Recordings
Bug Eyes- Micro Being- Archipelago- DaP Station
9 Planets- Friendship 7- Archipelago- DaP Station
Daddy Day Care- Cool Runnings Ft, Airon- Daddy Day Care- Filter
ABF/OPEDOPE- Outside Medina-Friendz Dopal- Soundcloud FREE
Deceptikon- Way of the Samurai-Lost Subject-Merck Records
Alcendor-Androids- Neckbreakers : Beneath Los Angeles-
ABF-Keebler Elf-The Sleeper- Filter
Luke Cage- All I wanna Do- (unreleased)
Tom Collins- You Don’t Know?- Archipelago- DaP Station
Fish$cale-Oh- Archipelago- DaP Station
Shaolin Alan- Stand Up- Archipelago- DaP Station
NomNud- Purple sunsets/你已經知道我- Unreleased(ADM)
Mixed by ABF at Code Orange Studios, Pasadena, CA
ABF's bandcamp:
DaP Station bandcamp:

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