Sunday, May 15, 2011

9Planets - Ghetto

9Planets with ghetto blastin' genius. DOPE ASS RELEASE team, really diggin'!!!

_lip - _magic kamen ep

Serious lo-fi brilliance out of Brighton! Phenomenal sounds, Cop This Now!!!

Vimana Aircraft - Episode 4: Fireball Racehorse (the lost tapes)

Space BaPPed tape manipulation sessions from the likes of Vimana Aircraft!

Lee Spacey - Thermosphere

Brilliant, spaced out Electronic/ Hip Hop Instrumentals from Holland!

Headspace - Salmagundi

New Headspace release on Jellyfish Rec. Heck Yes!!!

Raul Supreme - Beat Tape Vol.2 Spaceship

Bump this shit in yo spaceship team!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

ABF - The Menu 8: Supervillian Suite

The Menu 8: Supervillian Suite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW OUT!!!!!!!!!!! ABF mad killin' it!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DaP Station Podcast 1 (transmission one) by ABF

DaP Station Podcast 1 (transmission one) by ABF by DaP Station/Crater Dig

Tis my great privilege to introduce:
DaP Station's Podcast 1 (transmission one) by ABF!!!!!
Holiest of Kin- Atlantis Ft. UBC-Atlantis- DaP Station
Holiest of Kin- Dock-Atlantis-DaP Station
BEFP- Fractals- Archipelago- DaP Station
ABF- Earshot- Archipelago- DaP Station
UBC- Chemical Goo- Archipelago- DaP Station
Fish$cale- Till the End of the world- Archipelago- DaP Station
King Midas-One Ting (Dabrye RMX)- Hyper Dub
Cadence Weapon- Sharks- Upper Class Recordings
Bug Eyes- Micro Being- Archipelago- DaP Station
9 Planets- Friendship 7- Archipelago- DaP Station
Daddy Day Care- Cool Runnings Ft, Airon- Daddy Day Care- Filter
ABF/OPEDOPE- Outside Medina-Friendz Dopal- Soundcloud FREE
Deceptikon- Way of the Samurai-Lost Subject-Merck Records
Alcendor-Androids- Neckbreakers : Beneath Los Angeles-
ABF-Keebler Elf-The Sleeper- Filter
Luke Cage- All I wanna Do- (unreleased)
Tom Collins- You Don’t Know?- Archipelago- DaP Station
Fish$cale-Oh- Archipelago- DaP Station
Shaolin Alan- Stand Up- Archipelago- DaP Station
NomNud- Purple sunsets/你已經知道我- Unreleased(ADM)
Mixed by ABF at Code Orange Studios, Pasadena, CA
ABF's bandcamp:
DaP Station bandcamp:

ShaolinAlan - Maythorne EP

This EP is superb team! When you download it you get a secret third track, hell yes! Brilliant EP by ShaolinAlan

Dpee - Green Slime

"Jellyfish Recordings is excited to present Dpee, a beat maker based out of Calgary Alberta, Canada, just a short jump over the rocky mountains from the jellyfish populated west coast.

Dpee is making his label debut with the instrumental Ep Green Slime which is 7 tracks of hip hop inspired beat music at it finest. Tracks range from the moody "Mind Field" to the straight up aggressive, neck brace inducing title track while keeping the vibe cohesive. At 7 tracks its a quick listen, but Green Slime is a replay worthy exercise in quality not quantity"

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