Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Subtext - Mélodies légères

Beautiful experimental-electroacoustic-melodies! A soft, delightful album from Subtext!

Vimana Aircraft - GALAC

BLOWN 8 bit beats, mashed tape decks, and CHAOTIC splicing!!! meet GALAC!!!!!!

chits - Young Transplant

"Young Transplant is music from the kid chits aka Zach Brill. These are tunes I've made over the last few thousand hours since relocating myself. I truly hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening," (chits)

Really diggin' this

Johnny Boy - Meat My Beats

Italian-mpc Sampling-beats! Heck yes!!!!


Wonky, Skwee, 8 bit abstracted beats, out of Sweden! Off a free label by the name of Fresh yO!, who's putting out really sick shit!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prof.Logik - Dust Fragmentation

I cannot stop listening to this album, much respect to Prof.Logik on a seriously INTERSTELLAR release!!! $13 CAD for an amazing tape release and instant digital download!! COP THIS!!!!!!!!! It is beyond worth it! Props to the Future Science crew!

dranaL - 40 Beats & a Mule

GROOVIN" hell yeah! Take a train cross country and put this album on repeat. dranaL droppin' some serious knowledge!!!!

Cabello Bandito - Horse Steake

Minimalist beauty with ukulele and beat abstractions! Cabello Bandito, doing some sick creative work, much respect!

UBC - bedroom beats

UBC - "bedroom beats," includes guest artists: ABF, tom collins, Ted Dunn, 9Planets, and Vimana Aircraft! Film and movie samples spliced and diced!!!! Beautifully done album by my good friend and dope musician UBC! COP This GEM Fam!!!!!

HairyBo - salmagundian hotchpotch

Chopped, grit, beat brilliance with jazz splashes! Seriously check all of HairyBo's work out! Sick stuff team!

ABF - The Menu 7 : Sanctos

The Menu 7!!!!!!!!!! ABF's Menu Series is a serious personal favorite of mine! Support the illest, and COP this!

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