Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"DapStation/Zypher Compilation Vol:1" featuring sounds from Brotha Kandoo, R33 Soundmakin, 9 Planets, HLX, ABF, RC the Great, Bin Yaqub Grim, Ravage Beats 2012, Sirkri, Vimana Aircraft, Cosmoore, B4 Lasers, The Mothership Collective, Amable, Renegade Apostle, G4som4t, and Jay Swizzle (of dirtRAID)...brace yourselves, earthlings!!! A huge thank you to all who worked on this fine release!!!!!!!! SO MUCH RESPECT TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://dapstation.bandcamp.com/album/dapstation-zypher-compilation-vol-1 Check out all the incredible artists at Zypher unLabel HERE: Zypher: http://zypherlaboratory.bandcamp.com

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